The Center for Human-Animal Interactions Research and Education (CHAIRE) is committed to expanding our knowledge of the interrelationships between people, animals and the environment. CHAIRE is unique from other existing centers in that the animals and interactions examined expand beyond companion animals and equine to also include agricultural animals, wildlife and exotic animals. Another important distinction of CHAIRE is the purposeful effort to consider all human-animal interactions from not only the human perspective, but also the animal perspective.

Contact us at chaire@osu.edu or by phone at 614-292-1073.


  1. Graduate Students

    Center for Animal Welfare Science Conference

    May 20, 2019

    CHAIRE Graduate Students Madeline Winans, Yolonda Bradshaw, Jade Werner, Nicole Lorig, and Zach England recently attended the Center for Animal Welfare Science Conference hosted by Purdue University which took place on May 15-16.

    Featured speakers included: David Fraser, PhD, University of British Columbia; Anna Johnson, PhD, Iowa State University; Janice Swanson, PhD, Michigan State University; Nicole Widmar, PhD, Purdue University; and Jan Shearer, DVM,  Iowa State University.

  2. Exotic Animal Behavior & Welfare Study Abroad

    May 6, 2019

    Every summer two groups of students participate in the Exotic Animal Behavior & Welfare Study Abroad Program which spans 2.5 weeks in South Africa. Resident Directors are CHAIRE members Dr. Kelly George and Dr. Steve Moeller who each take a group of nine students. The first group, led by Dr. Moeller, has just arrived safely in South Africa while the second group, which is led by Dr. George, leaves the U.S. on May 25th.

  3. Students and Rhino

    CHAIRE/Wilds Conservation Short Course

    Apr 8, 2019

    Registration for our next Pseudo In-situ Conservation Short Course is now open!