Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure

CHAIRE is managed through the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University. Annually, CHAIRE will conduct a scientific and fiscal review, creating a report to be submitted to CFAES leadership for review and approval. The review will include but not be limited to an accounting of grant proposals submitted, the number of outreach activities, and publications accepted during the calendar year.


Dr. Kelly George, Associate Professor - Professional Practice, Department of Animal Sciences

Program Coordinator

Madeline Winans, M.S.

Advisory Committee

The structure of the center will consist of a Advisory Committee and four Focus Area Subcommittees (FAS). The composition of the CHAIRE Advisory Committee will include the director, chairs of each subcommittee and four additional members that reflect the various research interest areas of the center as a whole.

The Advisory Committee members are: Dr. Kelly George (CHAIRE Co-Director), Shawn Althauser (The Wendy's Company), Dr. Teresa Burns (College of Veterinary Medicine/Zooeyia), Dr. Mark Flint (College of Veterinary Medicine/Welfare and Behavior), Dr. Stan Gehrt (School of Enivornment & Natural Resources/Conservation), Adam Felts (Columbus Zoo & Aquarium), and Vinod Daswani (Sound & Vision Professional).