Focus Areas

Focus AreasEach of the center’s four focus areas will be led by individual subcommittees, which will report to the Advisory Committee. Each Focus Area Subcommittee (FAS) Chair will serve on Advisory Committee and be responsible for clear communication between groups. Each FAS will be responsible for the development, recruitment, and pursuit of resources to achieve the center’s mission within their focus area. The initial FAS members are:

Welfare & Behavior (human & non-human): Dr. Mark Flint (Vet Med/Chair), Dr. Jessica Pempek (Animal Sciences), Dr. Katie Seeley (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium), and Shawn Althauser (Wendy's)

Conservation: Dr. Stan Gehrt (SENR/Chair), Dr. Jeremy Bruskotter (SENR), Dan Beetem (the Wilds), and Adam Felts (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)

Companionship/Zooeyia (positive health benefits on people interacting with animals): Dr. Teresa Burns (Vet Med/Chair), Dr. Kimberly Cole (Animal Sciences), Dr. Jodi Ford (Nursing), Dr. Liz Parker (ATI/ Animal Sciences), and Dr. Holly Dabelko-Schoeny (Social Work)