Subcommittee: Dr. Teresa Burns (Vet Med/Chair), Dr. Kimberly Cole (Animal Sciences), and Dr. Jodi Ford (Nursing)

  • Companion animals play a large role in humans' lives on a continous basis. Student and companion
  • They provide not only a social benefit but aid those will disabilties and service the country through their work.
  • Youth have opportunites for interactions through programs such as 4-H and the Ohio State Fair.
  • Further research of human-companion animal interactions is necessary to expand the positive benefits the relationship brings to those with challenges such as mental and behavioral health.
  • Zooeyia is defined as "The positive benefits to human health from interacting with animals."
  • From the Greek root words for animal (zoion) and health (Hygeia was the ancient Greek goddess of health, the same source as “hygiene”).
  • Zooeyia is the positive inverse of zoonosis (from the same “zoion” and “nosos,” or disease). 
  • Over 70% of people own a pet(s) or a companion animal.
  • The power of the human-animal bond is a very important topic that impacts humans and a multitude of species regardless of their age or mental compacity.
  • Further research can provide knowledge and understanding of the positive benefits to humans from various backgrounds and lifestyles.

Hodgson and Darling, Can Vet J 2011;52:189–191