Subcommittee Conservation: Dr. Stan Gehrt (SENR/Chair), Dr. Jeremy Bruskotter (SENR), Dan Beetem (the Wilds), and Adam Felts (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)

  • Almost all of our major conservation concerns are the result of human action. Solutions (or at least remediation) will also come from human action.
  • Almost all wildlife is under some level of human management, whether it is a single breeding pair in a zoo or a population in a national park or reserve.

  • Zoo-based conservation breeding programs can maintain populations as insurance against extinction.

  • Zoo-based education programs have the potential to reach millions of people to inform them about conservation issues.

  • Research with animals in professional care can provide insight into managing wild populations (testing vaccines, anesthesia protocols, disease surveillance, etc.).

  • Understanding the causes of human-wildlife conflict is critical to removing threats to wild populations.