1. OSU Animal Welfare Judging Team Wins Top Awards at AVMA Contest

    Nov 28, 2022

    On November 19th and 20th, The OSU Animal Welfare Judging Team travelled to North Carolina State University to compete in the annual Animal Welfare Assessment Contest (AWJAC), hosted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Coached by CHAIRE Member Zach England, assisted by Madeline Winans (CHAIRE Program Coordinator), the team had another very successful year at the contest, competing amongst 225 total participants from 23 different universities across North America.

  2. CHAIRE Co-Hosts EPN Breakfast Program - What is Wild?!

    Nov 17, 2022

    CHAIRE recently co-hosted a second breakfast program with the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN), "What is Wild?!

  3. CHAIRE Member Dr. Jess Pempek Leads Project to Improve Dairy Beef Calf Welfare

    Oct 24, 2022

    Earlier this month, the final round of data collection was completed for a research project led by CHAIRE member, Dr. Jess Pempek (Assistant Professor & Animal Welfare Specialist, Department of Animal Sciences), that is aimed at better understanding the welfare of dairy beef calves upon arrival to calf-raising facilities. 


  4. HAI Club Hosts 2nd Annual Sloth Yoga Event

    Oct 10, 2022

    CHAIRE and the Human-Animal Interactions Club, our undergraduate student organization, were thrilled to once again host Sloth Yoga - for the first time since 2019! The event reached full capacity with 150 registered participants, and it was an evening of fun and relaxation, particularly as students prepared for an upcoming week of midterm exams. 

  5. Yellow lab seated in front of green bush, wearing a blue bandana and red Pilot Dogs vest

    Meet the Pilot Dogs' Puppies Being Raised by HAI Club

    Sep 29, 2022

    As part of a collaboration initiated last year, the Human-Animal Interactions Club is working with local organization Pilot Dogs to serve as Puppy Raisers for their dogs in training to become 'Pilot Dogs,' and assist blind and visually impaired folks. There are several Pilot Dogs on campus this semester, and below are three of the pups you might see around!

  6. Registration Now Open for CHAIRE/Wilds Pseudo In-Situ Conservation Short Course

    Apr 25, 2022

  7. Dr. Kelly George Receives NACTA Educator Award

    Apr 20, 2022

    CHAIRE Co-Director Dr. Kelly George was recently awarded the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Educator Award. The NACTA Educator Award recognizes "individuals whose efforts represent the very best in agricultural higher education." Dr. George was selected for this award based on her nomination by the Department of Animal Sciences, support from current students, alumna, and peer faculty, and a review committee of NACTA members. As described by one of her former students: "Through her teaching, Dr.

  8. HAI Club Hosts 2nd Annual Goat Yoga Event

    Apr 8, 2022

    The Human-Animal Interactions Club, CHAIRE's undergraduate student organization, recently hosted their 2nd annual Goat Yoga event. In partnership with Harrison Farm and Bern Yoga, this event was once again very successful, with a full session of 40 participants. During the session, participants were led through a beginner yoga practice, while goats from Harrison Farm made their way around the arena and curiously engaged with some of the participants.

  9. Two women standing on either side of a brown horse, all facing camera, both women smiling

    Nicole Lorig Passes PhD Candidacy Exam

    Apr 4, 2022

    Last week, CHAIRE graduate student Nicole Lorig successfully passed her candidacy exam, officially earning the status of PhD Candidate. Nicole is advised by Dr. Kim Cole in the Department of Animal Sciences, with additional committee members Dr. Lisa Bielke (Department of Animal Sciences), Dr. Kathryn Lenz (Department of Psychology and Neuroscience), Dr. Joseph Guada (College of Social Work), and Dr. Aubrey Fine (Professor Emeritus at California Polytechnic University; Department of Education and Integrative Studies).

  10. Pilot Dogs logo: a red square containing white silhouettes of a person walking with a guide dog and text in the upper right corner that reads 'Pilot Dogs est. 1950'

    Pilot Dogs Partnering with HAI Club for Puppy Raising Program

    Feb 18, 2022

    CHAIRE is excited to announce that Pilot Dogs is partnering with the Human-Animal Interactions Club to develop a puppy raising program. Pilot Dogs is a school here in Columbus, OH that trains dogs to become guides for blind and visually impaired people, helping them achieve greater independence and mobility. CHAIRE has supported and worked with Pilot Dogs for several years, but we are looking forward to this new partnership to assist with the socialization and training of puppies that will hopefully go on to become 'Pilot Dogs.'