CHAIRE Co-Hosts EPN Breakfast Program - What is Wild?!

Nov. 17, 2022

CHAIRE recently co-hosted a second breakfast program with the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN), "What is Wild?! - How intensive training practices for the African wild dog and cheetah are influencing wildlife management strategies around the world." CHAIRE and the EPN brought together a line-up of guest speakers to discuss the similarities and differences between the ways wildlife professionals around the world work to manage populations of these megafauna. Featuring a mix of students, faculty/staff, industry professionals, and more, the program had 67 in-person attendees and the event livestream/recording has had a combined 184 views.

Our first speaker, Andrew Rae (Worth Wild Africa), joined virtually from South Africa to speak about his experiences guiding safari trips throughout southern Africa, as well as some of the management strategies his colleagues in the Madikwe Game Reserve are working on with the African wild dog and cheetah. Dan Beetem, Director of Animal Management at the Wilds, then spoke about how his team works with both of those species at their facility - a world-reknown conservation and breeding center here in central Ohio. Finally, these ideas of using various technologies and tools to manage animals were applied to local species by the Chief of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, Kendra Wecker.

When asked what aspect of the program inspired them most, attendees described learning about connections between studies of wild dogs & cheetah in both South Africa and Ohio, as well as finding hope for saving threatened species through innovative strategies.

This program offered opportunities for a fascinating discussion and audience Q&A session, in which all three speakers were able to participate. CHAIRE is thankful to the EPN for once again collaborating to develop an engaging program that brings together members of the community around a shared passion!

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People seated at tables facing projection screen showing a man's face talking to the camerawoman seated in red chair on a stage, holding a microphone and speaking; to the right, a man seated in red chair on the stage, looking at the woman








Five people standing in a row, smiling at the camera; in the background are three banners that read "Environmental Professionals Network"