Exotic Animal Behavior & Welfare Study Abroad

May. 6, 2019

Every summer two groups of students participate in the Exotic Animal Behavior & Welfare Study Abroad Program which spans 2.5 weeks in South Africa. Resident Directors are CHAIRE members Dr. Kelly George and Dr. Steve Moeller who each take a group of nine students. The first group, led by Dr. Moeller, has just arrived safely in South Africa while the second group, which is led by Dr. George, leaves the U.S. on May 25th.

Groups have opportunities to do things like visit Kruger National Park, Pretoria Veterinary School, an elephant santuary, and spend a few nights in a bush camp. Andrew Schaefer, also a member of CHAIRE, helps to co-instruct the South African Animals Courses which are pre-requisites for the trip. He lives in South Africa and is also each groups' tour guide while abroad.

The goal of the program is to help students learn and exhibit an understanding of exotic animal species behavior and welfare considerations in the context of: 1) variation in environmental habitats (open range, controlled contact, and zoological), 2) management of animal health and well-being, and 3) comparisons of domesticated species.

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