HAI Club Hosts 2nd Annual Goat Yoga Event

April 8, 2022

The Human-Animal Interactions Club, CHAIRE's undergraduate student organization, recently hosted their 2nd annual Goat Yoga event. In partnership with Harrison Farm and Bern Yoga, this event was once again very successful, with a full session of 40 participants. During the session, participants were led through a beginner yoga practice, while goats from Harrison Farm made their way around the arena and curiously engaged with some of the participants. With World Health Day this week, we were pleased to offer members of the Ohio State community with an opportunity to get active and de-stress through these animal interactions.

Although this was the first time hosting this event since 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were excited to once again offer Goat Yoga and look forward to hopefully continuing this event each spring. Click the photos below to view additional photos from the event on our social media pages!

Seated woman holding a white goat in her lap  Woman in red sweatshirt with Harrison Farm logo walking away from camera followed by three goats and holding one goat in her arms, walking along side group of students sit on yoga mats with their arms spread