HAI Club Hosts 2nd Annual Sloth Yoga Event

Oct. 10, 2022

CHAIRE and the Human-Animal Interactions Club, our undergraduate student organization, were thrilled to once again host Sloth Yoga - for the first time since 2019! The event reached full capacity with 150 registered participants, and it was an evening of fun and relaxation, particularly as students prepared for an upcoming week of midterm exams. 

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium offered participants the opportunity to see two of their ambassador sloths and to learn a little about the species, before engaging in a beginner level yoga session (led by instructors from Ohio State Recreational Sports), while the sloth remained perched in the center of the room amidst participants.

A tremendous thank you to the yoga instructors from Recreational Sports, the staff from Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and of course members of the university community who attended - your participation helped raise over $2,200 for sloth conservation! You can view the full photo album from the event below, and we look forward to hosting this event again next fall!


Group of students standing on either side of a sloth hanging from a perch - in the background, red letters on the wall read "Sloth Yoga"  Sloth hanging from a perch in the foreground, several people standing bending to the side in a yoga pose are blurred in the background  Room full of people sitting on yoga mats leaning to the side with arm raised, on the far wall of the room red letters read "Sloth Yoga"

Sloth Yoga 2022 Photo Album