Human-Animal Interactions Study Abroad Italy

Jan. 6, 2020

This year 45 students traveled on the Human-Animal Interactions Study Abroad Program to Italy. Led by CHAIRE member Dr. Steve Moeller and CHAIRE Co-director Dr. Kelly George, this program occurs annually over winter break. Students are required to complete the pre-requisite course, Human-Animal Interactions, before travel which includes Saturday field trips to various industries with animals in human care. The course is designed to prepare students for locations they will be visiting abroad and to fuel discussion for similarities and cultural differences.

This year was the first year the program traveled to Italy and some of the places the group visited included Norcino Aldo Britanti (specialty meat processing), Department of Veterinary Science at Universita di Parma, Parma Cheese Farm, Fondazione Bioparco di Roma (exotic animals), and an animal shelter.