Meet the Pilot Dogs' Puppies Being Raised by HAI Club

Sep. 29, 2022
Yellow lab seated in front of green bush, wearing a blue bandana and red Pilot Dogs vest

As part of a collaboration initiated last year, the Human-Animal Interactions Club is working with local organization Pilot Dogs to serve as Puppy Raisers for their dogs in training to become 'Pilot Dogs,' and assist blind and visually impaired folks. There are several Pilot Dogs on campus this semester, and below are three of the pups you might see around! If you see these pups around campus, please remember these dogs are in training, and be sure to ask the handler before approaching the dog. You can read more about this partnership here: 'Pilot Dogs Partnering with HAI Club for Puppy Raising Program.'


First, meet Timber! Timber is a 11-month old female yellow lab, being raised by Hannah. Timber is the first Pilot Dog Hannah is raising!

Yellow lab sitting with one paw raised and tongue sticking out, sitting in grass in front of purple flower, dog is wearing a red Pilot Dogs vest Yellow lab sitting and leaning on a person's leg, with the dog's head resting on person's hand











Next, meet Hugo! Hugo is a 3 month old male black labrador, being raised by first-time raiser, Carmen.

Black lab puppy sits on a blanket on the grass, puppy is wearing a red Pilot Dogs vest Black lab puppy sits on the grass next to his handler, looking up at his handler, puppy is wearing a red Pilot Dogs vest











Last but not least, meet Tanner! Tanner is an 11 month old male yellow labrador, and he is being raised by Lexi. Tanner and Timber are brother & sister!

Yellow lab sitting on metal bleachers, in the background is a baseball field fence. Dog is wearing a grey bandana with tennis balls on it and attached to a red leash Yellow lab sitting in front of a green bush and wearing a blue bandana and red Pilot Dogs vest