Winter Break Study Abroad in Ireland

Nov. 28, 2018
Students in Ireland

Students are preparing to travel to Ireland over winter break as part of the annual Human & Animal Interactions Study Abroad Program. The program spans for ten days with 45 students attending this year along with Dr. Kelly George and Dr. Steve Moeller. This specific program mimics the pre-requisite course, ANIMSCI 2400.05, designed to expand their understanding of the role that animals play in shaping society, culture, and economics within the United States and for those who travel, abroad. The course also included four Saturday field trips, which are similar to facilities they are visiting in Ireland.

A few of the places in Ireland include the Dublin Zoo and the Fota Wildlife Park, to be compared to the Cincinnati Zoo, Columbus Zoo, and the Wilds, Dog’s Trust & Rehoming Centre, to be compared to Fairfield County Dog Shelter, and Pat O’Reilly’s Beef Farm, to be compared to the OARDC Beef Research Center. Students also have the opportunity to visit the University College of Dublin where they will receive a lecture from Dr. Alison Hanlon.

Are you interested

in traveling as part of the Human & Animal Interactions Study Abroad Program next year? Each year students travel to a new country, last year being Spain and in 2019 Italy. Be on the lookout for updates about the Italy trip during spring semester.

Ireland Flag