Human-Animal Interactions Global Education

Interested in learning more about human-animal interactions from a global perspective? There is a Global Education (formerly Education Abroad) opportunity for undergraduate students across the university.  "The goal of this program is to learn and exhibit an understanding of political, economic, cultural, physical and social differences among the nations of the world regarding human-animal interactions. It is offered every year on a three year rotation for the program locations."

This program occurs annually, with the next program being offered Winter Break 2022, and updated information can be found at this link: HAI Global Education

Students on HAI Global Education trip in Spain   Four students forming the letters O-H-I-O with their arms, standing on rock formation in front of water   Student petting a cat, standing in front of crates   Group photo of four rows of students standing and kneeling in front of railing. Behind railing is an aerial view of a city with towers and buildings.