External partners to date are the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (CZA), the Wilds, Ohio Wildlife Center, Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Ohio Farm Bureau, The Buckeye Ranch, African Educational Safaris, Pbjconnections, and Pilot Dogs.

Current Supporting Members include:

Daniel Fischer

Robert Williams

Jane Ann Aanestad


Name Position title Contact
Brittany Fischer, B.S. Program Coordinator of CHAIRE 614-292-1073
Dr. Kelly George, PhD CHAIRE Co-Director, Assistant Professor - Professional Practice 614-688-3224
Dr. Tony Parker, PhD CHAIRE Co-Director, Interim Associate Chair of the Department of Animal Sciences and Associate Professor 330-263-3938
Kelle Andrews, J.D., B.A.
Dan Beetem Director of Animal Management, The Wilds 740-638-5030 Ext: 2110
Yolonda Bradshaw, B.S. Graduate Student
Dr. Jeremy Bruskotter, PhD Professor
Dr. Teresa Burns, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM Assistant Professor - Clinical, Equine Medicine and Surgery 614-292-6661
Grayson Cahal, B.S. Graduate Student
Dr. Kimberly Cole, PhD Associate Professor, Unit Supervisor: OSU Equine Center 614-292-2625
Dr. Holly Dabelko-Schoeny, PhD Associate Professor 614-292-4378
Dr. Alia Dietsch, PhD Assistant Professor in Parks, Protected Areas, Natural Resources Management 614-292-8654
Dr. Leah Dorman, DVM
Zach England, B.S. Graduate Student
Dr. Mark Flint, BVSc, BSc(Hons), MApplSc, MPhil, PhD Assistant Professor-Clinical, Program Head of Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health Residency 614-292-6166
Dr. Jodi Ford, PhD, RN Associate Professor, Director of Stress Science Lab 614-292-6862
Dr. Stanley Gehrt, PhD Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist 614-292-1930
Dr. Joseph Guada, PhD Associate Professor 614-247-8967
Dr. Meghan Herron, DVM, Diplomate - ACVB Clinical Associate Professor - Behavioral Medicine 614-292-3551
Shannon Kelley, B.S. Graduate Student