Our external partners to date are the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (CZA), the Wilds, Ohio Wildlife Center, Ohio 4-H Youth Development, PBJ Connections, Rae Safaris, Franklin County Dog Shelter, and Pilot Dogs.

Current supporting members include: Daniel Fischer, Robert Williams, Jane Ann Aanestad, Anne Alden, Mark Finkler, Ed Klopfer, Kathy Lechman, Melissa Muth, Molly Muth, Abby Simon, and Shawn Althauser.

Individual members include experts working within The Ohio State University and externally. If you are interested in research in human-animal interactions we urge you to reach out to one of our members below or email


Program Coordinator of CHAIRE
Kelly George
CHAIRE Co-Director, Assistant Professor - Professional Practice
CHAIRE Co-Director, Interim Associate Chair of the Department of Animal Sciences and Associate Professor
Dan Beetem
Director of Animal Management, The Wilds
Graduate Student
Assistant Professor - Clinical, Equine Medicine and Surgery
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Associate Professor, Unit Supervisor: OSU Equine Center
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor in Parks, Protected Areas, Natural Resources Management
Zach England
Graduate Student
Assistant Professor-Clinical, Program Head of Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Medicine and Ecosystem Health Residency
Jodi Ford photo
Associate Professor, Director of Stress Science Lab
Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist
Graduate Student
Nicole photo
Graduate Student