Dr. Jessica Bell Rizzolo, PhD

Photo of Dr. Rizzolo
Dr. Jessica Bell Rizzolo, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar at Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab
School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University
Degree Information: 
PhD in Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy, Michigan State University
MA in Psychology, Northwestern University

Jessica is a conservation social scientist who holds a dual PhD in Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy from Michigan State University as well as a MA in Psychology from Northwestern University. Her research interests include wildlife crime, wildlife tourism, wildlife consumption, and the integration of animal welfare and conservation. She is particularly focused on China and Southeast Asia and the issues affecting captive and wild elephants and big cats. Her current research spans the social, conservation, and animal welfare impacts of wildlife tourism; the effects of zoonotic disease on wildlife consumption; and the use of trans-species psychology to facilitate human-wildlife coexistence and wildlife rehabilitation.