External partners to date are the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (CZA), the Wilds, Ohio Wildlife Center, Ohio 4-H Youth Development, PBJ Connections, Franklin County Dog Shelter, and Pilot Dogs.

Current Supporting Members include:

Daniel Fischer

Robert Williams

Jane Ann Aanestad

Anne Alden

Mark Finkler

Ed Klopfer

Kathy Lechman

Melissa Muth

Molly Muth

Abby Simon

Shawn Althauser


Name Position title Contact
Dr. Laurie Millward, DVM, MS, DACVP Assistant Professor - Community Practice and Dentistry 614-292-3551
Dr. Steven Moeller, PhD Professor and Swine Extension Specialist 614-688-3686
Dr. Rustin Moore, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine Ruth Stanton Chair in Veterinary Medicine 614-688-8749/614-292-2363
Kirsten Nickles, M.S. PhD Student
Dr. Elizabeth Parker, DVM Associate Professor - Professional Practice 330-263-3903
Dr. Jessica Pempek, PhD Assistant Professor
Suzi Rapp Vice President, Animal Programs, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 614-724-3433
Dr. Chris Tonra Assistant Professor in Avian Wildlife Ecology 614-292-9838
Dr. Aviva Vincent, PhD, LMSW
Jade Werner, B.S. Graduate Student
Madeline Winans, B.S. Graduate Student
Dr. Henry Zerby, PhD VP of Protein Procurement and Innovation, Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Co-op